Animal List
Bunnies, Goats, Sheep, Potbelly Pig, Turtle,
Pigeons, Doves, Exotic Chickens, Ducks, Tortoise,
Geese, Turkey, llama, Alpaca, Mini Donkey
Full Zoo With Barn Tent:
We recommend an area of 30 x 50'. We can condense for smaller areas
or expand for larger events
20-25 animals for up to 3 hours = $500 (each additional hour = an extra $100)
May include: Mini Zoo plus tortoise, geese, turkey,
mini donkey, llama, alpaca
If we need electric for fans or lights we need to be within 75ft of electrical
outlet, otherwise an additional charge will be added for a generator.
We reserve the right to substitute animals if needed
USDA Inspected
and Licensed
Fully Insured
The Barn Yard Petting Zoo
The Barn Yard Petting Zoo
Servicing Northeastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania
Christine Coler
Travel over 25 miles from Salem, Ohio
may require an additional fee
Check out our new addition.
This will help bring attention to your event.
If the event is on blacktop there will be an additional fee of $40.00