Christine Coler
The Barn Yard Petting Zoo
and Pony Rides
We treat our animals like one of the family and we
expect everyone that comes in contact with them to
treat them with respect and care.
Safety First

* We do not allow anyone to feed the animals, this is to prevent the
animals from over eating.
* We do not allow little children to pick up baby animals
* Children need adult supervision
* Only one child on a pony at a time
* There is a weight limit of 100lbs, please let us know the size of the
largest child, so we can bring the appropriate size pony
No Dogs Allowed

We ask that if you have a dog, please keep it away
from the animals for the safety of our animals and
the safety of your pet. Farm animals fear dogs and
will hurt themselves trying to get away from a dog
they do not know. The llama, alpaca and donkey
will try to protect the other animals from a dog.
We provide hand
USDA inspected and licensed
Our farm and animals are inspected every year by the USDA for their safety and well ensure
that they are healthy, up to date on all their veterinarian checkup's and are properly housed and
taken care of
Safety First
Helmets available
The Barn Yard Petting Zoo
and Pony Rides